Why is everyone talking about twitter likes

News 06:12 December 2019:

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The new twitter likes feature has left everyone speaking about twitter likes. Twitter now has a like button complete with a heart icon. The button is now the simplest way to give someone pat on the back to support whatever they are saying. Here I have written some of the reasons why everyone is talking about the new twitter icon and twitter likes.

Twitter likes to show approval and agreement

Liking a tweet on Twitter today is a sign of showing approval that you support whatever the tweet is about. Nowadays when you have funny tweets that you don’t wish to retweet or broadcast on your feed, you can hit the like button to show your reaction.

You can now use twitter likes to bookmark statements

If you are on twitter, you already know how hard it is to find something on it. You can imagine the traffic on your homepage and see it’s almost impossible not to catch up with that article you saw in the morning. This has actually become one of the major reason why almost everyone is on the topic of twitter likes. A like on twitter guarantees you a quick search of everything you want. When you like a tweet, the likes will appear under the like tab on your profile making it easy to find what you search at any time.

Twitter likes acts as an acknowledgment receipt.

Twitter likes will signal to someone that you have seen their tweet. It is actually one of the unwritten courtesy on twitter that acts as an acknowledgment receipt. This has become quite useful mostly for big businesses that are mentioned like hundred times in a day. Tweeter likes will mitigate the need to reply to every person.

Twitter likes are used to mark the end of the conversation.

Many people are lazy when it comes to replying to tweets. for this reason, they prefer likes. Another reason why everything is now about twitter likes is that likes will cut a conversation short. It will act as a symbol to saying yes, I have seen it but am not going to say anything about it. It will actually end a conversation without getting rude.

Twitter likes will add personality to your company or business

When using Twitter for business promotion, likes will be an awesome way to get your business involved if you are using Twitter to tweet company news, or even using your company’s Twitter account. When you like a variety of tweets using your company name, the outside world will see your company as an individual, not just a company.

Twitter likes can be spam

Some firms will automate their likes on Twitter based on a specific hashtag. Well, this is a bit funny because they can be easily spotted and will not give a good picture of your business to the audience. It’s important to set aside some time to get involved as you like a variety of great tweets. This will give a picture of the human side of your business. Get more twitter likes by making other users engage with you in the world of twitter

3 Days to Reach a Thousand Twitter Likes

We all know how difficult it can be to get as little as 100 twitter likes in a day. Facebook and Twitter are often mentioned in the same sentence but the reality is, both vary in experiences and are used by people with different aims. With Twitter, conversations are dynamic and quickly established. Continue reading this article to get tips on how you will get all these twitter likes you want within 3 days.

1.    Get interested with other users’ content

If you want those twitter likes, I will advise you to get involved with what others are saying, for them to get interested in your content. On Twitter, you need to realize that it’s you that wants many likes, therefore, always be the first one to interact with other users. Like, comment, retweet their posts and all this will draw their attention to your content as well. This will help you develop interesting dialogues that will easily get you traffic and increased likes.

2.    Retouch other users

In every communication, reciprocity is an explanation of why people are engaging with others. Retweeting needs to be done a lot and often. This will distribute contents faster and give a commendable reach that will generate you twitter likes than you can comprehend. This is the strongest indicator of involvement, and when you retweet other users’ contents they will also be compelled in doing the same for your content.

3.    Your tweets should be short

If you want to share your content on Twitter and ensure more twitter likes, be keen on what you are posting. Let your posts be easier for users to share. The network rules require you to use only 140 characters. To be on the safe side reduce your posts and make them precise. This will at least give your posts better engagement giving you more likes.

4.    Answer someone’s tweets about you

For big brands to generate twitter likes, it can be quiet a hustle for anyone trying to promote their brand on Twitter. However, you can achieve your goal by answering your fans and developing useful discussions with them. The communication will grow to a point that it will get you traffic and increase your likes rapidly.

5.    Your peak time

Finding out your peak time is also very important when aiming to generate more twitter likes in the shortest time possible. Like other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter also has a time of the day. That time when you have most users active and are available to get involved in your tweet. Being able to determine such time will reduce the stress of getting more likes a day. However, it’s important to know that your peak time of the day might vary from others. Just be observant.

A little bit of advice for successful likes on Twitter, hashtags are always important when working with Twitter. Whatever your tweet is about, use at least one hashtag on your post. It is vital for increased twitter likes and followers.